In compliance with strict safety standards that involve the production and transport of organic peroxides - "class 5" risk products - Polinox only uses packaging approved under Resolution No. 420, published in 2007 by AgĂȘncia Nacional de Transportes Terrestre (ANTT). Cans of mold release waxes, in turn, are packed in cardboard boxes approved by INMETRO.
         The Polinox factory in Itupeva (SP) is aligned with the most stringent international safety requirements for the manufacture of organic peroxides. Certain elements are also part of its structure, such as fire fighting sets, power generators and steel and concrete walls that separate the reactors from the rest of the plant, among other points that ensure complete safety to employees and the population living around the plant.
         Depending on the chemical characteristics of organic peroxides, certain measures must be taken throughout their storage and handling process. To check them out, click the links below: